Friday, May 27, 2011


When we first moved into our neighborhood in Santa Ana, California we knew we were in for some adventures - this was not a 'cookie cutter' neighborhood with matching pink & beige houses like you find in other parts of Orange County. Which is why we absolutely loved it.

Our new 'hood is known for its history (homes built in the 1920's - '50's, which for California is 'historic'!) and fantastic Mexican culture. But, also is unfortunately known for some local gang violence and other unsavory characteristics of more urban neighborhoods - it all comes as part of the package.

We were prepared for that.

What we weren't prepared for, though, was the last thing we expected to find in an urban environment. Daily, at 7:00am on the nose, we are paid a visit by some of the most beautiful, albeit noisiest, neighbors we've ever had.  The Green Parrots of Santa Ana.

No one really knows where they all came from - originally they likely started from a few domesticated parrots who were released into the wild.  Now, though, their population is definitely in the hundreds, if not thousands.  The cacophony is something to be reckoned with - it's something that takes a bit of getting used to, but then becomes a morning routine.

My husband Tim always asks the most important question, though - "Where do the GO at night?!"  A mystery yet to be solved.


  1. They go to the trees outside the civic center building where I work right before it gets dark every day!

  2. In my opinion they make noises that I believe are reserved for Ancient Flying Dinosaurs.